Scope of supply
− Project management
− Cable supply
− Civil works, shore landings and cable laying for 16 turbines and two export cables
− Near shore trenching and protection of export cables 2 x1500 m
− Installation cable joints, transition joints and terminations
− Testing and commissioning
− Installation of 690 pcs 4-tonnes gravelbags (Filter units) 5-25 meters waterdepth

Specific challenges:
Shallow landfall leading to floating ops. of 1850 m cable for each export cable landing,
Nearshore cable protection in limestone/hard till leading to development of new rock trencher
Exposed location 

Cable data
Cable Type: Export and Array cables 3 x300/25 36 kV
Capacity: 48 MW
Export cables: 9 + 5km, array cables: 15 x ≈ 500 m
Customer: E.On Elnät /E.On Wind


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