Scope of supply
– Project Management
– Engineering
– Shorelanding and floating operations
– Respooling 10 cable drums onboard including jointing activities on turntables
– 2 Circuits x 3,7 km including bundling of earth cables
– Laying operation from C/S Pleijel including ROV TDM
– Installation of protection at eight crossings – Snapp Pansar

Specifik Challenges
Work site in “Furusundsleden” heavy large ferry traffic
Short leadtime
Preparation work with loading and jointing onboard to long continuous lengths

Cable type & Customer
Cable type: AXCLTV 24kV TT, 3 x240/24
Total Cable length: HV 2 x 3800 m + 2×4000 m earth cable
Customer: ATS Kraft Service AB
Final Customer : Eon Distribution


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