Scope of supply
− Project management
− Engineering
− Shorelandings and floating operations
− Nearshore trenching
− 5 Circuits x 1,3 km consisting of  three bundled AC-Cables plus DTS and communication fibre cables
− Laying operation from Pleijel, float out and bundling of complete cable circuits up to 5 cables on workraft/workboats.

Specific challenges:
Shallow water, narrow cable corridor, no possibility to use any large vessels,
Stiff and heavy (approx 100kg/m) cable package of bundle of 3xAC plus one or two FO-cables
Complicated logistics, and extra precautions, due to landfalls situated in central Stockholm near residential buildings and a regional hospital
Handling and disposal of contaminated masses at landfalls

Cable data
Cable type: HVAC 1 x 2000 245kV
Total cable length: 15×1300 m
Consortium partner:ABB HighVoltage Cables (Responsible for cable supply/jointing)


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