Scope of supply
− Project management
− Engineering
− Procurement & Manufacturing of 7000 rockbags/Filter units
for protection
− Preparatory works, Pipe installation and crossing arrangements 2019/2020
− Shorelandings and Nearshore trenching , environmental dredging 2020
− Cable laying and installation including ROV TDM
(Three campaigns @ 3x 5600 m)
− Shorelanding and floating operations, aprox 9 x 2200 m
− Bundling FO and DTS cable
− Protection and installation of rockbags 2021


Specific challenges
Installation in Central Stockholm, Lake Mälaren outside Royal Castle.
Cable to be installed in one continuous length with pipe installation outside castle, long floating operations and precision lay of 9 cables in narrow
corridor by workrafts and underhauling operation.
Handling of contaminated masses at shorelandings.
Installation and manufacturing of rockbags.
Tight schedule with respect to permits and ice conditions.


Cable type
Cable type: HVAC 400 kV
Total cable length: 9 x 5,6 km
Campaigns: 3
Consortium partner: NKT (Responsible for cable supply/jointing)
Customer: Ellevio




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