Scope of supply
− Project management
− Engineering
− Cable supply
− Survey and route engineering
− Shore-landings and floating operations (10 landing sites)
− Shore-landings protection and hang offs out to 10 m water depth
− Laying operation from Pleijel including ROV TDM
− 4  HV circuits at various lengths and 1 FO installation

Specific challenges:
Deep water and installation at 400 m water depth at two sites
Shallow installation at two site with precision laying ( floating /underhauling) at shore-landings with multiple cables

Cable data & Customer
Cable type: HVAC 36 kV 3×240 mm2
Total cable length: 13 km HV cable and 7 km FO cable
Internal consortium with Seaworks Kabel AS
Customer: Mörekraft A/S



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