Ellevio 420kV Cable Project

Baltic Offshore is proud to announce that we together with cable provider NKT HV Cables have been awarded the Ellevio 420kV submarine cable installation project Beckomberga-Bredäng.

As a part of the project Stockholms Ström, Ellevio have decided to develop the power grid between Beckomberga and Bredäng. The new HV system consists of 420kV cables and includes both land and submarine cable. The submarine cable system comprises of nine single core HVAC-cables and four FO-cable bundled/attached during installation. The submarine cable route is 5.6 km and has a corridor of 60 m crossing the eastern part of lake Mälaren, from Ängbybadet to Sätravik.

The Baltic Offshore scope consists of several work packages to be executed during the period 2019-2022 with the overall plan to take the cable system in operation Q4 2022:

    • 2019 Q4 – Preparatory works
      – 1500 m duct installation at Drottningholm area and crossing preparations
    • 2020 Q4 – Cable installation and shore-landing trenches
      – three groups of total 9 cables, 400 kV
    • 2021 Q4 – Cable protection works
      – installation of  7000 pcs rockbags  in fairways and outside Drottningholm area


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