Contract Award

Baltic Offshore is happy to be a part of GlobalConnect’s investment in building a new digital highway from Berlin to the northern parts of Europe.

The new digital highway runs from Berlin, Germany, through to Bornholm, Denmark, onwards through Öland, Gotland and Stockholm, and further north via Luleå to the northern parts of Europe.

This type of digital highway is central for being able to transport large amounts of data in and out throughout all of the Nordics and out to Europe and the rest of the world and enables the Nordics to stay at the forefront of the digital evolution.

Baltic Offshore has been awarded the subsea cable supply and installations between Germany-Bornholm-Simrishamn and Bornholm-Öland-Gotland, as well as increasing the capacity with a new subsea cable between Copenhagen and Malmö. The total length of installed subsea cables will be over 460 km.

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