Baltic Offshore Secures Key Role in Promoting Cleaner Baltic Sea

Baltic Offshore, acting as a subcontractor for Craftor AB, has been granted the responsibility to retrieve a decommissioned power cable resting on the seafloor west of Degerhamn, Öland. The cable had previously served as a crucial link between the now-dismantled wind power park “Utgrunden” and the regional power grid.

The task, expected to demand the highest levels of expertise and precision, marks another significant milestone for Baltic Offshore as it endeavors to expand its offshore capabilities and maintain its position as a natural choice for all our old and new clients.

The project is yet another step towards a more sustainable future from an environmental perspective. In addition to retrieving and recycling old scrap cables from the seabed, materials and documentation will also be collected for future studies and analyses with a focus on sustainability.

By doing so, Baltic Offshore, as a leading offshore service provider, aims to contribute to the development of a greener energy sector and a more environmentally conscious future.

The project will be launched and finalized during the third quarter of 2023.

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